How Dragon’s Teeth may ruin Battlefield 4.

I was getting my information about Dragon’s Teeth, which is the 4th DLC pack for Battlefield 4, and I realized that some things could be done really stupidly if it isn’t executed perfectly. I decided to blog about it to see if anyone agrees.

I don’t rally know anything about the maps, and I’m being optimistic about that part. The weapons and gadgets are what I’m scared of. Let’s start with thee new sniper rifle. The McMillian CS5 is a sniper rifle with a 7.62 round and an integrated silencer. This can’t be that bad, but there is a chance that something could go awry. The new assault rifle could go either way, because I heard that the Bulldog, the new assault rifle, will be like the SCAR-H, but with a higher rate of fire, and more recoil and a longer reload. The MPX, which is the new PDW, couldn’t really go bad unless it’s overpowered. It probably wouldn’t be, but considering things like the AWS, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Another new weapon that could be interesting would be the Unica 6, which is a semi-auto revolver with no trigger delay, which makes sense since it’s semi-auto, and a pretty cool reload. It also seems pretty balanced. Sounds good, right?

WRONG! They also threw in a Deagle. You know, the weapon that became popular in first person shooters after Counter-Strike and Call of Duty? Yeah, that one. While I have nothing against it, it doesn’t belong in a Battlefield game. It’s an inconvenient weapon that’s practically a joke, according to people who actually have used it. They also aren’t giving Support a actual weapon this time. They get a riot shield. A RIOT SHIELD! It’s a novelty. I mainly play Support, and that isn’t useful at all. The Support is mainly ammo giver and suppressive fire man, not a glorified meat shield. Another thing that could be intriguing is the R. A. W. R., which is the Battlefield version of the Assault Drone in MW3. It seems less annoying, because if it works like how I predict, it’ll be fine. How I predict it working is that it’ll be a battle pickup on a objective, and will start taking damage if the objective is lost.

Yeah, this is becoming more and more like MW3 every second. I personally didn’t have that many problems with MW3, but stuff in it wouldn’t work too well in Battlefield. In theory, this could work pretty well in maps like BF3’s Close Quarters, which I loved honestly. These maps better be pretty awesome visually to beat the beauty of those maps. To this day, I still think that painting in Donya Fortress was a Ross. Maybe an ’82. The tree’s happiness gave it away.

Battlefield 4: U-100 MK5 Review

So, another change in pace. This time, it’s the game and weapon category. I love Battlefield 4, and I think it’s fun. I have one problem, and that is the fact that I can’t seem to find a single review on line for the U-100 that isn’t “this is a crap gun, so don’t use it”. I actually like this thing, and support is my favorite kit. It’s a gun from Singapore that was put into service in 1982. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Stats-wise, it is different. It has a fire rate of 590 RPM. That is quite slow for an LMG, considering we have a few that go at 800. According to the Battlefield Wiki, it also has a 45 round magazine, plus one in the chamber, which is small for an LMG. This comes with an advantage, and that is the fact that reloads are short for an machine gun, at 2.75 with a round in the magazine, and 3.9 without, according to That is great for a machine gun, and borders on some of the assault rifle reload times. It has damage that starts at 25 at 8 meters, to 18 by 65 meters. That is standard for the 5.56 NATO round in this game. This seems on the bad side, but it gets better.

For the stranger stats,  this is where it gets good. It has a recoil pattern like this: up is .25 and left and right is .2. Battlefield stats work different, but I can tell you from experience, that’s pretty good. It has a 1.5x first shot multipler, which is standard. It has a bullet velocity of 650 meters per second, or 330 with a silencer.

For my recommended attachments, I have a few different options. For optics, I switch based on the situation, so it’s up to you. For barrels, I love the silencer type options. It sounds crazy, but since you can be nice and stealthy, and the low recoil benefits at long range. I like any thing grip-wise, but the bi-pod is good if you plan to go old machine gun style. For the other attachment, I say a laser, or a flash light if you plan to go all spec-ops.

I have one thing to do, and that is explain all the bad stats for this gun. For starters, the low magazine. It’s low, yeah, but it also has a quick reload and you can throw out ammo. The low fire rate is to counter the low recoil. It’s a completely balanced weapon, and I love it. It’s an effective weapon if you get it down. It doesn’t cater to run and gun LMG style. I recommend silencing it, putting on a laser, a sight of your choice, and a bi-pod. Play like it’s an LMG, not an AR, and mow down morons that run around your corner. Throw an ammo bag down, and set up a claymore or an MP-APS to protect you from flankers or explosives respectively. Have fun using an LMG that works like one.

CoD Ghosts: MSBS Review

    This is a different weapon compared to many assault rifles. In real life, it is a Polish assault rifle designed in 2007, and has a quirk in Ghosts. It is the only assault rifle with a integrated Burst-Fire. I get the historical facts off of Wikipedia, just so you know.

     The MSBS is strange compared to other ARs in a statistical manner too.  It has a damage of 55-20, which makes it a 2-5 shot kill, or a 1-2 burst kill. It also has some strange multipliers, such as a .8x multiplier to the arms, hands, lower legs, and feet. It also has a .9x multiplier to everywhere but the head with Full-Auto. Both of those make it a 3 shot kill at close quarters, and 6 at a distance. It has a 30 round mag, or 45 with Extended Mags, which is standard. It also has a RPM of 883…in the burst, that is. Figuring in the delay, it has a fire rate of 491. So, in reality, your spamming the trigger with this thing will get you nowhere. Its range starts to drop off at around 17 meters and stops at 47 meters. I get these stats off of the Cod Wiki, because I have to give credit, or I’ll feel bad. It also has a reload speed of 2.63 with a round, and 3.03 without. That’s not bad for an AR.

     To get more technical, according to, the centerspeed is strange. It’s only 1000. That’s pathetically slow.  The recoil is as follows: up is 45, left is -35, right is 28, and down is 20. That isn’t bad, but it isn’t a laser. You will notice kick, and it will build up due to the centerspeed. It’s iron sights are… let’s just say, if you can use them, you’re better at CoD than me.

     In my opinon, it has some pretty good options for attachments. For starters, the Red Dot, Holo, ACOG, or VMR are all good options. Barrel-wise, the Muzzle Brake is a good option, and the Flash Suppressor isn’t shabby. For the Mods, I would say Armor-Piercing Mods, or Extended Mags. Under the gun, I would go for a Fore Grip, but the Shotgun isn’t bad.

     My recommended setups for this gun are based around its longer range capabilities. First, I would recommend the VMR Sight and the Fore Grip. This would allow for a potentiality at medium, and kind of long range. Another great build is a ACOG, Shotgun, and a Muzzle Break. This gives it a better chance at a extreme range, and gives a close quarters back-up. Lastly, try a RDS with a Grip, and wreck at mid-range.

     I have something to say to all the people who know nothing about this game. The MSBS used to be the noob weapon before it got that weird multiplier as a nerf. It did deserve it, because every game you had some jerk with a MSBS who probably camped and made me hate them. I remember quite fondly when one of my friends invited his friend to the game, and he joined the other team. With an MSBS. We were all raging, and our steamroll of the other team went to a loss. The next game, my friend equips an MSBS, and obliterates the other team with it, including the other guy. He would yell after every kill that was good, like a triple or something, “Oh look, a triple kill! I would care if it weren’t an MSBS!” You see why I hate this thing. It is a rare occurrence, that Infinity Ward does something right. I used to hate this thing. I think it’s balanced now, but it acted scarily similar to something known as a Type 95.

Cod Ghosts: Bizon Review

     Today, we are going for a change in pace. This means we are going to cover the Bizon SMG. This is very different than the things I’ve been covering for the last few days. This may also be formatted differently because, for once, I’m typing this in the blog.

     The Bizon, historically, was designed in 1993 through 1995, and entered service in 1996. it was designed by the son of the guy who made the AK-47, which I know through Wikipedia. It is also made to have reduced recoil.

     The Bizon in-game is very good for an SMG stats-wise. It has a 36-round magazine, and can be increased to 54, which is mediocre for the SMGs. It has a rounds per minute of 937, which is great for the SMGs in this game. Just for the record, I got all this information off of the Cod Wiki, which is a great resource. It’s drop-off begins at 10 meters, and ends at 21 meters. The damage begins at 42 and ends at 17, which makes it a 3 to 6 shot kill. This is good for an SMG.

     To get into the more advanced statistics, it has a centerspeed of 1600, which isn’t bad by any means, but seems average too the SMGs. It’s recoil, according to Symthic, is in this order: up is 60, left is -55, right is 30, and down is 10. This is moderate, but since it’s an SMG and its hip fire is good, aiming down sights aren’t as important as it is with other weapons. The iron sights, while we’re at it, are pretty clear, but the kick can obscure sight like the SC-2010. It also has a low penetration, which is to be expected. The reloads are 3 seconds with a round in the mag, and 3.8 without. That’s OK, but cover is recommended.

     For attachments, I would recommend any of the barrel-based attachments, because they all work well on the Bizon. The Muzzle Break increases the already great range, the Silencer doesn’t make too detrimental a change, and the Flash Suppressor does it’s job well on any weapon. Another great choice is a Red Dot or Holo sight, because anything higher is too high zoom to be really effective at the usual SMG range. Another attachment choice option is Rapid Fire, which amps up the RoF to 1102, which is good. Oddly, Extended Mags is also a great option, as the 54 rounds and good killing power can annihilate people pretty quick, and a lot. Grip is good, but not my first choice. I would give a recommended class setup, but there are too many possible options that I would have to recommend.

     I love this weapon, but I have on quick grievance to air. This weapon is strange, in that they recently buffed it… and then nerfed it around two weeks later. “Who does that?”, you may ask, but the answer to that is Infinity Ward. They did that to a few weapons recently, and a bunch of them really didn’t need it. This one might have been overpowered after the buff, but don’t they have the time to, I don’t know, let three guys test it and ask if it seems OP? What are they doing all the time that they are just seemingly sitting around all day at the fact that the “nerf” they did on the MTAR didn’t really do anything? Anyways, sorry for the rant. I’m bad about that. It’s still good, just a bit strange how they carried that out.

CoD Ghosts: SC-2010 Guide

     There is one gun in Ghosts I would compare to the ACR of old. That is the SC-2010. This Peruvian laser is not the first appearance of this platform in CoD. We have seen it in Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2 in another variant still. It also appears in a different form in Ghosts, and that is the IA-2. They all are variants of the FAL. This incarnation is very different than all the others. Before, this was a single-shot balanced powerhouse that required accuracy, with the exception of the FAL OSW, which was OP as heck with Select Fire pre-patch. There isn’t much to say about the SC-2010‘s history, except that it is made to be a no-recoil laser.
      Let’s get the stats done now, so I can plot twist this like last time. It has a mag size of 30, or 45 with Ext. Mags, so like normal with this part. In its full-auto default mode, it has a rounds per minute of 750, which is average for an AR. It has a damage of 35 at close quarters, which isn’t very good. It gets worse, because when it fully drops off, it has 20 damage. That makes it a 3-5 shot kill. That means it is on the low end for damage per second, because the SA-805, as I said in an earlier post, out does that all the time. It also has reloads of 2.8 seconds and 3.3 seconds, which are average, but a bit slow on the full reload.
      This is where I plot twist this pretty hard. So far, this sounds like crap, right? Wrong. The recoil is this in order: the up is 40, the left is -45, the right is 45, and the down is 20, which makes it a death laser. Yeah, it has very little recoil on its own. It also has good range before you become a peashooter.
      For attachments, I would say that a good attachment is a sight. As you will hear a lot from me, the non-specialty optics are what I recommend. Even thought it has clear iron sights and little recoil, the bottom of the iron sights might obstruct your target and make you die. Another attachment that I use on occasion is the Grip. A laser with even /less/ recoil sounds pretty good to me. Two attachments that I would only use in certain situations are the Silencer and the Shotgun. The Silencer requires you to play in a extremely stealthy manner, and the Shotgun is only good on maps like Behemoth and Strikezone.
      Some classes that I would recommend is a all-rounding AR class, that consists of RDS and a Grip. Another good combo is ACOG with Semi-Auto, to make a makeshift DMR. Lastly, you could try the last one, but add the Shotgun attachment and get a great all-rounding DMR that can hold it’s own at any range.
      The SC-2010 doesn’t rank in my favorite ARs, but it isn’t bad and can hold it’s own. It’s best for long-range combat, but can be used at any.

CoD Ghosts: SA-805

Let’s get started on my first weapon review. This is probably my favorite AR in Call Of Duty: Ghosts, and that is the CZ-805 BREN, or the SA-805 as it is called in game. I love this thing for a reason.
The first part of this is its real-life facts, which I’m getting off Wikipedia. The SA-805 is made in the Czech Republic, and production started in 2009. I read about it on Wikipedia, and it’s a standard assault rifle, nothing special.
The in-game stats on the SA-805 are the next segment, and these are from the COD Wiki, which is a great website, and I recommend you use it for more extensive info. The mag size is 30, and 45 with Extended Mags. Still boring and mundane. The rounds per minute on its default full-auto fire rate is 769 RPM, which is still boring. This sounds like an awful weapon right now since its so mundane, but here’s where it gets different. The reload times are somewhat slow, with a 2.76 second full reload, and a 3.76 second empty reload. While that’s on the slow side, it’s not LMG bad. This is where it gets good: its damage is 40 in CQC and 25 at the extent of its range. That beats the R5, and that’s the long range AR. The drop-off begins at 20 meters and ends at 41 meters. It has a 1.5x headshot multiplier, which makes it a 2-3 hit kill. This makes it a very competent rifle at range.
Now for the part where I go into some more details. I’m sure that on paper the SA-805 looks borderline OP, but it isn’t. This thing kicks so much, mules are jealous. According to Symthic, (Another great website) it has 55 up, -55 left, 30 right, and -35 down. This thing is pretty kick heavy. Its centerspeed is 1400, which is average. Its penetration damage is also average for an AR, and its hip fire spread is pretty good for an AR, but not a hip fire monster.
This is the time where I give my two cents on it. I love this weapon, but the SA-805 requires some tweaking before its a crazy wrecking gun. Even then, it requires sine skill to perform really well. I recommend a wonderful attachment know as the “Foregrip.” It reduces recoil in Ghosts by reducing view kick by 10% and increases centerspeed by 5%. Since the SA-805 has high recoil, this attachment has a high affect. Another great attachment are a optic, such as an ACOG, Red Dot, Holo sight, or a VMR sight, since the iron sights, while not being bad, per say, they certainly aren’t great. Let’s not forget about the Semi-Auto attachment. I, as a rule, hate semi-auto weapons because it’s easy to get outgunned, but this game gives me a reason. It gives a 1.5x multiplier to the body and I think the upper limbs as well. This makes it deadly at all ranges. Another great attachment is the Muzzle Break, since it increases range, or the Silencer, because of the already great range.  I would recommend a specific class, but this thing is too all-rounder compatible for me to do that.
If I had to compare it to older ARs in COD, I would say the SCAR-H in Black Ops 2, due to the great range and damage, but crazy high recoil. I loved the SCAR, so I’d love this

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